Nicole Arnold Consulting
Gain Tools to Increase your Ability to Solve Problems and Reach your Goals
Increase your Ability
to Solve Problems and Reach Your Goals
Unlock your Potential
Goal attainment isn't an art, it's a science.  Problem solving isn't an art.  It's a science.  In the same way you can go to the gym for months and not realize the gains that you were seeking, you can put great effort into reaching your goals or leading a team to reach goals and  experience a regular feeling of failure.  You might be relying on misguided instinct or outdated business theory that have been proven unsuccessful.  I can help.  I'll train you and your teammates to problem solve, providing practical tools, rooted in evidence-based practice.  People and organizations around the world are thriving from the application of these principles.  You and your organization can too.

  1. 1:1 Coaching
    We will identify the beliefs and habits that are hindering your success and then build on your strengths and articulate your goals. You will gain problem solving abilities and feel more capable and energized. To learn more, book a free 30 minute consultation.
  2. Team Coaching
    Teams will be guided to identify their strengths, as individuals and as a team, and then learn how to become more capable problem solvers. Productivity will be increased as well as individual satisfaction.
  3. Board Development
    Board Development workshops will focus and energize Board Members boosting the problem solving capacity of the organization and reducing volunteer burnout. To learn more, contact Nicole.