Nicole Arnold Consulting

the Science of Motivation
into the
Practice of Flourishing
Learn how to Achieve Your Goals
 Efficiently.  Successfully. Scientifically
Using evidence-based research to guide your thinking and actions is key to achieving the goals you set and empowering you to flourish. In the same way you can go to the gym for months and not realize the gains that you were seeking, you can put great effort into reaching your goals, or leading your family or team to reach goals, and  experience regular feelings of failure.  You might be relying on misguided instinct or outdated business theory that have been proven unsuccessful.

 I can help.

 I'll train you to problem solve, providing tools that are designed to take the minimum amount of time to produce the results that you're seeking.  People and organizations around the world are thriving from the application of these principles.  You can too.

  1. 1:1 Coaching
    We will build on your strengths and articulate your goals. You will gain problem solving abilities and feel more capable and energized. To learn more, book a free 30 minute consultation.
  2. Team & Board Coaching
    Group members will gain tools to help their organizations flourish while increasing their productivity and decreasing negative stress.
  3. Parenting
    Parents will learn how to manage parenting related stress and transform their relationship with their children into one full of joy and satisfaction. Group sessions and 1:1 coaching are available.