Nicole Arnold Consulting
Gain Tools to Increase your Ability to Solve Problems and Reach your Goals
Major Gift Fundraising Experience + Mindset Coaching Experience =
The Best Counsel for Major Gift Fundraisers
Nicole Arnold Consulting provides mindset counsel for individuals, not-for-profit boards; and teams, with a specialty in major gift fundraising. 

Major Gift fundraisers are primed for mindset coaching.  Why? Because mindset development requires practicing perspective taking - something that major gift fundraisers have a gift for doing.  Mindset coaching for major gift fundraisers is like teaching runners how to play soccer - the building blocks and the talent are already there, what is required is specialized skill acquistion.

Through 1:1 coaching and/or team workshops, individuals will learn how their thinking is hindering their success and how to replace it with thinking that not only capitalizes on their strengths but also supports their colleagues.

Nicole brings over twenty years of major gift experience, both professionally and as a volunteer, as well as a Master's degree in Psychology, to the table as qualified counsel.  She also brings her remarkable energy and skill in connecting with people to training and coaching sessions.  As a life-long learner, she brings the latest findings in mindset work and a curiosity about how we think and what motivates us to reach for the stars.