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Team Strengthening Workshops
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    Developing Learning Mindsets
    Understanding events as learning opportunities increases people's problem solving capacities. If only it was as easy as knowing that simple thing! It almost is. Participants will learn how their physiology works for and against them in recognizing learning opportunities. They will also develop individualized and team specific tools to encourage learning oriented thinking.
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    Stress Resilience Tool-kit
    Negative stress cripples many teams. Fear dominates. Team members are exhausted and distracted by stress. This workshop helps team members develop effective evidence-based strategies to rebound from their own stress responses and help their team members rebound as well.
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    Building Teams that Flourish
    In this workshop, we will look at the factors that cause teams to stagnate and the factors that lead teams to flourish. Participants will receive low barrier tools and develop simple action plans to increase their team's capacity to flourish.
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    Leading from Strength
    When are people at their greatest problem solving capacity? When they're happiest. When are they happiest? When they feel that they are contributing meaningfully. How do we contribute meaningfully? We employ our strengths. This workshop gives participants tools to identify and practice their strengths.
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